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New April Release from Shadow Lane!
Cute new couple in a classic boy spanks girl domestic discipline drama

New April Release from Shadow Lane!
Cute new couple in a classic boy spanks girl domestic discipline drama

Caught in a lie!

A new spanking cum strapping drama starring
Samantha Grace and Rifferous

After trying to prove how industrious she is with a noisy display of vacuuming and dusting while
her husband is trying to concentrate, Samantha is upended and spanked on the seat of her frilly
pink rhumba panties. Riff isn't buying her commitment to her chores and calls her out for faking it.
There's no faking her reactions to the impact of her 6'4" man's huge hand on her tender bottom.

Riff pulls Samantha's panties down for an unobstructed view of her already radiant
pink bottom.

Now the spanking begins in earnest. This isn't the first time Samantha has been over her
husband's lap, but it is one of the most memorable.

Stay at home girl brat Samantha tries to put one over on her husband, pretending she is doing all
the housework, but hiring a cleaning service instead. Of course she gets caught in the lie.

And then she gets caught in a second lie, pretending to cook dinner that has
been ordered from upscale take out. This merits a strapping.

Samantha is the cute, naughty, submissive housewife next door who is really into her dominant man.
This real life couple recreates the classic American 1950's suburban fantasy, which would not be
complete without domestic discipline.

Real couple, real spanking, really hot!

The Petite Protégée stars the stunning, statuesque Snow Mercy
and a darling small beauty Snow brought to us for her officia
spanking video debut, Violet October.

Another entry in the Our Sorority series, that we began at Shadow Lane in the early 90's, The Petite Protégée tell
the familiar story of a naughty pledge brought to a state of total red bottomed submission through the offices of a
conscientious senior sister, who of course, monitors all of the new girl's behavior patterns and finds fault with every
move Pledge Penelope makes.

Little Miss Violet October possesses a really surprising pain tolerance for her dainty size zero proportions and almost
seems to laugh at Snow's initial efforts to impress sorority discipline upon her. Naturally, this upsets Senior Sister Josette
(a role that Snow has enthusiastically embraced before, notably in Our Sorority Hell Week) to the extent that she reaches
for her hairbrush.

But no pledge has ever been proof against the might of the Lambda Sigma Zeta
sorority paddle, which the senior sister applies to the lovely rebel's small, well
rounded bottom a resounding dozen times to drive the lessons of obedience and
house loyalty home.

Impish Violet October brings a uniquely flirtatious energy to this, her first Shadow Lane video
We hope it will be the first of many, as Violet has the exact attitude we love in a subbed out girl
model, combining mischief with dedication. Models who are truly in the scene always adhere to
the unwritten code of honor of the spanking entertainment industry, which is to take as much hard
spanking as you possibly can for the sake of the art.

The chemistry between gorgeous Amazonian Snow Mercy and tiny, lavender-haired Violet is
both dramatic and delightful.

And speaking of excellent chemistry, we hit on another great combo when we featured the
adorable Koko Kitten opposite Mistress Stephanie Locke in our recent video
Stephanie's Whipping Girl (SLV-189d)

Legs for days framed by classic hose and retro foundations are just one feature of this delicious
new woman spanks girl title. Koko Kitten's exquisite proportions are revealed from every angle
in this simple story of a session girl who is punished in a number of ways for missing an important
appointment her mistress has arranged for them.

As expert at tickling as at spanking, Stephanie drives Koko frantic with her attention to the Thai
beauty's delicate underarms.

Bondage mistress Stephanie Locke displays a technique we hadn't seen
before, of spreading and tying her submissive girl's pretty pink toes apart
before administering additional tickle torture to Koko's smooth, bare soles.
The charming Amerasian princess, who made her Shadow Lane debut in
Spank or Be Spanked (SLV-179d) will wriggle, squeal and squirm her
way into your heart with her all out performance as the well punished bra
in Stephanie's Whipping Girl.

By the way, the legendary Stephanie Locke, Miss Koko Kitten and Snow
Mercy may all be seen by appointment at L.A.'s oldest and most respected
spanking club, The Dominion. Visit their website and note that the proprietor,
Mistress Hilary, aka Bunny, was a Shadow Lane girl in our 8th video, Older
Men With Younger Wives. She has been running that club in one way or
another for the last twenty five years and is the owner now. The Dominion
has more continuity in the L.A. scene than any other professional
establishment and its specialty is spanking.

Speaking of ladies who live the spanking lifestyle to the hilt, here are two more true enthusiasts
who not only found their way into videos but have embraced the social side of the scene to the
extent of hosting large spanking parties of their own. Miss Chris Grey of Arizona heads up a grou
called Spanking University, which both educates and amuses locals and adventurous visitors.
While spanking model Ten Amorette throws a huge spanking party about once a year, co-hosted
by her amiable partner, Dr. Lectr. Here is Miss Chris and Ten in a scene from our recent video
Step Mommy Severest (SLV-190).

"Please Step Mommy Dearest, I'll be good!"

There's nothing a like a wide razor strop to get a girl's attention. Attaching it to a wooden handle
makes it much easier to properly aim. Miss Chris strives to cure her idle and profligate step
daughter of her multiple bad work habits through the offices of a good strapping. Naurally, total
nudity is a prerequisite to the punishment.

Miss Chris smartens up Ten's bare bottom with her hard hand.

Beautiful Ten Amorette in distress in a scene from Step Mommy Severest (SLV-190d), a fitting title
to usher Shadow Lane videos into the 190's, as Mommy Severest (SLV-040d), one of our most
popular titles ever, was shot exactly one hundred and fifty videos ago.

Stay with us for more exciting spanking video productions this Spring. If all goes well, we'll be
shooting with a new boy and girl couple in a few weeks and then, in April, we'll be doing our first
video where a new female top (beautiful blonde glamazon Ashley Edmonds) plays a disciplinarian
teacher who spanks both a boy and a girl at the same time.

Meanwhile, we've gotten a lot of positive feed back about our new site, to which my books in ebook
format have just been added for our members, along with an extensive illustration section.