June 2013

Greetings Spanking Enthusiasts,

A year ago this month I saw Ed Lee for the last time. As most
of you know, he was the founder of Nu-West who pretty much
pioneered the authentic American spanking video in the 80’s
and went on producing for thirty years. He died in January of
2013. But this time last year, he had invited Tony and me to visit
him at Anza, the secluded location of his southern Riverside
County compound.  He’d been sending me pictures of the remote
retreat for years but this was the first time I had been there and
also the first time I’d seen Ed in about 17 years.

There were actually some pretty good roads leading up to Ed’s
place but we took a wrong turn up there and Ed had to guide us
in every yard of the way by phone as we teetered in our non-four
wheel drive vehicle over rocky, sloping and uneven dirt paths that
intervened between tiny berg of Anza, CA and the thin populatio
of high desert dwellers who live five miles up the mountain past
the 4000 ft. elevation sign. This rugged, difficult terrain was entirely
suitable to Ed’s personality and also the perfect deterrent to drop
in guests, which Ed certainly would never have welcomed.  And if
the obscurity of the destination wasn’t enough, one always had to
be mindful of the many large dogs. To go up there and see him you
had to be invited and guided in, and afterwards guided back down
to the proper road by Ed on his mini tractor. He had a couple of
those to plough the roads in the winter.

I knew he was in fragile health and that he’d gotten very thin and
these two facts were evident, but he was still the same Ed, still on
his feet, his animated blue eyes noticing everything. It was a pleasant
visit. He showed me where his cats played and gave me gifts from
his garden. The dogs were in their own house across the way. We
only stayed an hour. He did seem tired. Before I left I thanked him
for everything he had done for me and he pretended not to know
what I was talking about.

Since Ed’s passing, a number of his regular correspondents have
gotten in touch with me. I’ve enjoyed reading their letters and
learning that like me, they wrote back and forth with Ed regularly,
discussing the scene, politics and religion.  Although formerly a right
leaning libertarian, Ed began tacking somewhat left in the last few
years, voting blue in the last two elections and predicting their outcomes.
And while even six or seven years ago he had voiced opposition to
gays being recognized in the military, the last couple of years he change
that point of view as well. I found this to be a very interesting
barometer of the present century.  (His next prediction was that weed
would soon be legal in all states. Too bad he didn’t live to see that!)

Ed lived his spanking life to the full. He didn’t waste a moment not
spanking people. He spanked, wrote about spanking, dated and
married scene ladies and above all, loved filming spanking. He helped
create the scene and then mined it for talent and excitement.  He really
enjoyed creating spanking erotica and he really liked making money.
All the times I ever saw him, we always made a product or conducted
some sort of business as well as socialized and played. Even the first
time I went to see him at Nu-West, we did an audio tape and a test
video of him spanking me, which I don’t doubt ended up on some Nu-
West compilation video. Even when I went to see him privately at that
hotel in Burbank and we simply played, he was filming it, including the
X-rated parts, though he never got the camera quite close enough to
achieve true hardcore explicitness. Not only did he sell pretty much
everything he filmed, but he also watched the videos himself. He was
as much a voyeur as he was a player.


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