Eve's Corner
Column #24
August 2010

Greetings Spanking Enthusiasts,

Fun photos from Shadow Lane videos that seem to match up perfectly with notes on the upcoming party.

The party is coming up on Labor Day weekend 2010! It has a different theme on each night. Friday night's Vendor Fair will have a back to school theme. Saturday night's dinner dance will have a Madmen (early to mid-60's) theme. They are compatible themes. So here are some bits of info relevant to party mixing and the two themes, photo illustrated for greater clarity.

Wearing interesting outfits that draw attention to your beautiful bottom is sure to get you attention.

Saturday night of our 2010 Labor Day weekend party, we're doing a Madmen (retro to the 1960's) theme, during which we expect to see a great many garter belts and stockings revealed.

Greta Carlson will be at the party for the first time in years. Yay! Welcome back, Greta! And this will be Kat St. James' first Shadow Lane party, if I'm not mistaken.

Friday night's Vendor Fair will have a back to school theme. Ladies, please remember our sorority motto: Lambda Sigma Zeta Forever! (You may be quizzed!)

On Saturday morning a group of delightfully dominant women will be handing out spankings to deserving persons. Suite number will be available at the Shadow Lane table on Friday night, so stop by and say hi and check out the party clip board.

Rule Brittania! A entire entourage from the UK are coming to the party and they party well! Visit the Northern Spanking table and meet these lovely people. You'll discover there is a bond between American and English spankers like no other.


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