Announcing Our Disco Vegas Party
Friday Feb. 24, 2006 - Sunday, February 26th at The Stardust Hotel and Casino Resort at 3000 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

Enjoy a 70's and 80's Dance Party weekend at one of the most storied hotels on the Strip.

Event Schedule:
Friday Feb. 24, 2006 Vendor Faire and Cocktail Party 7:30; Saturday afternoon Feb. 25, 2006 Continuation of Vendor Fair 1:00 pm - 3 pm; Saturday evening: D.J. hosted dinner dance 7:30- midnight; Sunday Feb. 26, 2006: Take advantage of the lower room rates on Sunday to socialize with the people you've met!

Admission to both the Friday February 24, 2006 Vendor Faire and Cocktail Party and the Saturday February 25, 2006 buffet dinner dance is $100 per person. Please purchase your tickets from Shadow Lane at least one month in advance of the event if possible. Last minute ticket purchases may be made in cash only at the door. Friday night's vendor faire will feature a 70's musical theme (disco and assorted party tunes, including heavy metal and punk) with a d.j. host and finger food munchies. Saturday night's deluxe buffet dinner dance will feature music from the 80's (primarily bouncy and exhilarating New Wave). No one will be allowed into either the vendor faires or parties without tickets or name tags.

Room Reservations
Call The Stardust at (800) 634-6757, ask for the Convention Desk and identify yourselves with Group Meeting Code SHADOW6 when reserving rooms. If the reservationist tells you that all the rooms are booked, tell them to: "Advance a page" because in all probability they are only seeing that the rooms have been "blocked" for our party. Add 9% for Clark County room tax, $1 per day for unlimited local calls and an approximate energy tax of $3.27 per day.
Room and Suite Rates for Thursday Feb. 22nd and Sunday Feb. 26, 2006
Deluxe room (single or double occupancy) $65; Spa suite $100 per night
Room and Suite Rates for Friday, Feb. 24th and Saturday Feb. 25th, 2006 Deluxe room (single or double occupancy) $110; Spa suite $145 per night
Add $20 for a third person in double occupancy room or suite
Cut off date for guaranteed group rates and availability is Jan 24, 2006. The hotel WILL accommodate last minute or late reservations on a space and rate available basis. Which means you might be able to get a room last minute, but it might not be at such a favorable rate.
Any questions? Call Eve or Tony at (702) 395-0783
Vendor tables are $50 per table. Vendors must also purchase tickets to the party for themselves and any persons in their group at the regular price. Set up time is no earlier than 6 pm on Friday afternoon.
Suggested Attire
70's to 80's styles, which is saying a lot, ranging from disco flamboyance to tailored elegance; flared pants and floaty skirts to pegged pants and pencil skirts, designer jeans and members only jackets to skinny ties and lapels harkening back to The Mods. All fabrics from the cheesiest double knit poly to the finest natural fibers are appropriate. Let your good taste or outrageous sense of fun be your guide. Remember when Austin Powers went back to 1975? You can too! Dress for a hostile takeover, like Michael Douglas in Wall Street or a sophisticated seduction, like Richard Gere in American Gigolo. Here's your chance to be a punk or just look like one, to deck yourself out in ruffles like Adam Ant or zip yourself into a sleek leather catsuit like Madonna, to smile at us from under a B-52 style retro beehive hairdo or appear enigmatic behind dark aviator shades. From platform shoes to meltdown suits to gothic lace and velvets, these decades afford an enormous fashion spectrum from which to select looks and moods. Want to copy a famous film icon from the 70's or 80's? Flashdancers, Urban Cowboys, Princess Brides, Road Warriors and Valley Girls are just some of the personas to choose from. Characters like Annie Hall, Carrie, Foxy Brown, Brooke's Pretty Baby, Daltrey's Tommy, Madonna in her numerous incarnations, Malcolm McDowell's Alex de Large, John Travolta and Michael Jackson are also ripe for parody. If you don't feel like dressing up or down, just wear what suits you best. Our parties are not about conformity.

Behavioral Instructions
Restrict jocular spanking conversations and behaviors to our private party space, guest suites and rooms only. Never accost non-Shadow Lane hotel guests, hotel employees, bartenders or food servers with spanking references or physicality.
If you don't feel ready to play, either in public or in private, explain this to those who might approach you. If someone declines to play with you, that person should not be pressed or pressured. If they do change their mind, they will likely seek you out and let you know they are available, otherwise, please be content to take no for an answer and try your luck with another guest. Do not follow around, repeatedly approach or confront a person you have already received a "no thank you" from as this is not polite.

Private Parties
There will be sheets at the Shadow Lane vendor table where people who wish to host open parties may indicate their room numbers and party times. But please be aware that most suite parties are going to be by private invitation from individual to individual so don't feel that just because you hear spanking sounds coming out of a room that it's okay to knock on the door or go in. Please do not attempt to enter even the "open to all" suites or room parties unless you are a Shadow Lane ticket holder with an identifying badge, as "free riders" are not welcome at our events.

Spanking Safety
Whether you're a novice spankee or a seasoned player please be aware that it is never a good idea to let a stranger use a large, heavy or wicked instrument on you. Let the stranger start with the hand only and if that feels fine, allow them to progress to more esoteric implements if you wish. People who have never played before may not know exactly where one should strike. Never allow yourself to be struck higher up on the bottom than where the middle of a jeans pocket would sit. Above that area is improper for spanking. Establish a safe word, such as "mercy" which may be used either to call a temporary halt to the spanking or to cause the spanking to cease entirely. Use this word when you get into an area where you feel uncomfortable about the level of pain being administered. Even the world's most experienced player can never know better than oneself what is right for oneself.

Our best pre-party networking advice
Join the members section of our website at Post and answer personal ads. Post to the bulletin board and join in the chat room. Submit a photo to go with your personal ad and with your chat room posts. Cultivate friendships and begin dialogs months in advance of the event, so you won't be a stranger when you arrive at the party, but already part of the group. Pre-party networking is not necessary to having a great time, but it does help many of us have an even better one.Any questions? Call Eve or Tony at 702-395-0783. Or email us at:

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